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NASICON based Na- "ambient air" by using reversible electrochemical carbonate reaction

Date: 2024-02-03
Time: 15:00
Venue: M255
Speaker: Byoungwoo Kang
(Pohang University of Science and Technology)


Na based energy storage technologies have been of great interest especially for a large-scale energy storage system because Na is abundant and easily accessible. Even with these advantages, the Na-based energy storage technology have much lower energy density than Li-based one because Na is much heavier than Li and it shows lower working voltage than Li one. One of way to increase energy density in Na-based energy storage technology is the use of air as a reaction material. There are several approaches for reversibly operating Na-air cell but most of these approaches have been based on the pure oxygen rather than ambient air because the ambient air has a H2O, CO2and so on in addition to pure oxygen and then easily forms carbonates as a reaction product rather than metal oxides.

In this talk, I discuss about the way to use the ambient air as a fuel in Na-based energy storage system by using Nasicon (Na3Zr2Si2PO12) solid electrolyte. Especially, I talk about how the solid electrolyte based Na-air cell activates reversible electrochemical carbonate reaction under ambient air and the working mechanism of solid electrolyte based Na-“ambient air”.


Byoungwoo Kang是韩国浦项科技大学(POSTEC)材料科学与工程系的青年特聘教授,其研究团队专注于设计和开发用于能源存储和转换器件方面的先进材料,特别是在二次电池领域。其工作主要包括通过多种实验技术探究材料特性和电化学性能之间的内在联系,并致力于将实验成果应用于实际应用场景中。他在美国麻省理工学院获得博士学位并完成博士后研究,随后加入浦项科技大学。他的研究发表在重要的同行评议期刊上,如Joule, Advanced Materials, Energy and Environmental Science等。他目前担任ECS韩国分部秘书长,浦项科技大学电池材料研究中心主任,以及Battery Energy (Wiley) 编辑委员会成员。